Album | 2021 (Massacre Records)

Voices of war
Risorgimento (Tear down the walls)
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite
Sweet Dreams
Ashes to light
Gods of war
Shoa (It could have been me)
World War II
All in ruins
We are the people

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The new REBELLION album is quite unusual for the band because of its clear political message. Another concept album – covering the history of Europe from the french revolution to the end of World War II and beyond. The key message being that racism and nationalism are at fault for the wars and all the destruction and annihilation they brought. Even though ths might sound negative the album ends on a positive note: The closing song “We Are The People” contains hope for a united Europe free of nationalism.
The record sports a quite modern sound. While its predecessor “A Tragedy In Steel Part II: Shakespeare’s King Lear” was achieved using old-school sound and methods, the newest release strinkes a different not. Uwe Lullis – founding member of REBELLION and current guitarrist for Accept – helped to forge a modern sounding record bursting with metal. And, behold, the band saw that it was good.
The first songs sound like REBELLION always used to sound until it takes unusual turns. The song “Vaterland” was inspired by the German national anthem but changes the lyrics in order to criticise the ramping nationalism of the time around the wars. The following song sutilize other musical elements and harmonies to cover the battle of Verdun, the Shoa or gods of war. Uwe himself wrote the song dealing with World War II and played all of the guitars – or rather: most of them. Simone Wenzel contributed an extraordinary guitar solo as well. So this track might be considered another time travel to the not so distant time and line-up of the classic “Miklagard – The History Of The Vikings Volume II”.


• REBELLION album no. 9 – available as CD Digipak, limited Vinyl LP as well as download and stream.
• Produced, mixed and mastered by Uwe Lulis at Black Solaris Studios.
• Coverartwork by Björn Gooßes / Killustrations.

Guest performances by

• Uwe Lulis (Accept): All rhythm guitars and solo on “World War II”
• Simone Wenzel (I.AM.DIAMOND): guitar solo on “World War II”